The Gift Horse - Kustom 750 Triumph Bobber build photos

Date Posted:6 July 2020 

The Gift Horse - Kustom 750 Triumph Bobber build.
Also see the write up with pics by Pete Cagnacci of Throttle Roll here at Throttle Roll




Modest beginnings, TFMW 6" stretch x 2.5" drop hardtail frame

For our front end we are using a Triumph conical. The steering yokes are alloy Triumph. This frame has the HD type neck so we are using 1" HD cups. The steering stem is 7/8" so we machined spacers to take up the clearance in the bearings.





The engine is a 750 Bonneville which we converted to right side shift. An outer gearbox cover from an earlier Triumph will replace the current one. A few plugs were fabricated to block off holes from the previous 5 speed gear change actuator shaft. A bush was made to take up clearance for the new gear change shaft to inner gearbox cover.










The rear hub is Triumph bolt with stainless steel spokes laced to a 16" rim. Tyre is Coker Classic. The front is Triumph conical with stainless steel spokes laced to a 21" rim. Tyre is Avon Speedmaster.





The engine is now in the frame where we will check sprocket and wheel alignment. We will now start to fabricate lugs and tabs for fenders, saddle, headers, gas and oil tanks etc.






Turned down gas tank mounting studs, alignment of TFMW oil tank and then fabricating tabs to suit.







Custom modified TFMW footrest hangers and rear brake lever with alloy pegs. The coil is twin output and hidden under the gas tank. Battery box and headers are dummy mounted and ready for final adjustments.





Rear brake torque stay.


Traditional ribbed rear fender is so sweeet!. It is mounted by two brackets up front and a rear stay that we fabricated.










The saddle is mounted at the rear using 3" springs with lugs to the frame. We designed a neat front bracket and used a modified Biltwell lug to mount the saddle to the frame. For the brake light we modified Cyclo tail light and fabricated a side mount number plate bracket.













For the headlamp a repro Bates 5 3/4" headlamp is mounted on a stainless steel bracket we fabricated. We are using flat drag bars and a  twin pull throttle. To help actuate the custom side stand we turned a little piston and welded it to the stand. The front fender is stainless steel. We shortened it significantly and fabricated a neat little mounting bracket from mild steel.


With the major components now fitted to the frame, we check over our work before stripping the bike down for final welding of the tabs and lugs. Parts to be painted are collated and prepared. The headers are sent off for chrome plating whilst we finish getting the engine and forks ready for service. The following pictures are of the complete bike in raw form before painting.















...And once again back to a bare frame. It was tempting to leave it raw but hey...






The frame and hardware are painted two pack black in house and we have commission Troy Daniel ( see: Troys' 66 Bonneville Chopper ) to do the tins. From here we start the final assembly.

Troy has done an all out metal flake paint job and my photo skills have not improved one bit. The detail is beautiful with many hidden ghost stripes and fades. We just can't wait for the sun to hit that paint !






The last stage now as we fit the smaller components to the bike, start the wiring and do the plumbing. We fit a pair of brand new Amal carbs with ram tubes, genuine Smiths speedo, oil pressure gauge, Webco rocker oil feed manifold and ignition cover.





Final shots of the bike after test riding and shakedown. Luv it!!!







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