About Us

Trojan Classic Motorcycles was established from humble beginnings in 2006 with the primary aim of providing our customers with top quality parts at great value prices.  It was a time when many old British motorcycle shops were closing or dwindling and we wanted to support riders to keep their classic motorcycles on the road.  A passion for all things mechanical and an understanding of the importance of quality and function quickly helped us build our strong reputation and cement our foothold in the industry.  We relocated our business to a larger warehouse in Sydney and entered a period of rapid expansion as awareness and excitement spread throughout the motorcycling community.  We introduced hundreds of new product lines over the coming years, and when time permitted, delved into classic racing and bike building.  

We currently carry in excess of 5,000 different parts, with new items added to our range weekly.   Our store has proudly serviced tens of thousands of happy customers and we are well recognised as Australia’s premier supplier of spare parts for British motorcycles, both classic and custom.  We are a pivotal supplier to Australia's best bike builders and restoration workshops.  

Over the last half decade, we have expanded to international markets and now enjoy a healthy and fast growing fan base of happy customers abroad.  We are known for taking extra care when we pack our customers’ orders, and use our network of dependable shipping partners to ensure you get your parts safely, quickly and efficiently.  

Trojan would also like to inspire people to own and enjoy a classic, and believe that owning a classic motorcycle should be easy, affordable and pleasurable.  We think riders of classic motorcycles gain satisfaction and develop a skill set that riders of modern motorcycles may otherwise not know.  With this in mind, we strive to source and supply top quality parts and make them continually available at your time of need, to keep you riding.  

We hope you enjoy our simple online ordering system with speedy processing of orders, a great search function, free parts books available for downloading, and terrific customer service. 
At Trojan, we believe that classic motorcycling should be loved by young and old, and we want you to experience the excitement, thrill, freedom and satisfaction of owning, and above all, riding your classic motorcycle. 

It’s not just fun and games…well actually, yes it is!